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Quality Virgin Kraft Paper, Bleached Kraft Paper, Sack Kraft Paper, White Top Liner, Chromo Paper, Butter Paper, Release Paper, Thermal Paper, SBS & FBB Boards, Crape Paper, Poly Cup Stock & Art Paper etc, In Bulk are Provided Here.

About Us

Paper is made by putting cellulose fibers made from grasses, rags, wood, or vegetable sources in an aqueous solution, draining the solution through a fine mesh, and then compressing and drying the cellulose fibres until they are thin sheets. Started in 2016, V5 Trade & Services Private Limited is a company that has not looked back in the market since then because of its enthusiasm to fulfil customer-specific requirements. We have had to deal with many complex problems that were adventurous to deal with to become a leading provider of Imported Virgin Kraft & other Imported Papers. We learned a lot and gained valuable knowledge and experience that now shows in our work. For years, we have been among the top importers, suppliers and traders of paper products such as Virgin Kraft Paper, Bleached Kraft Paper, Sack Kraft Paper, White Top Liner, Chromo Paper, etc., in the world. Our goal is to reach new heights with the support of our skilled professionals to ensure our customers have a great shopping experience with us. To do what we said we would do for our customers, we also make sure that they have various packaging options under one roof.

Our Endeavour

Our main goal is not to make money, but to be better for our customers. Aims are the first step to our success, and the second step is to start taking action. Our goal is to deliver sustainable paper products in this industry. Our aim also makes us want to be the best at everything we do.

Just Kraft It

Today, market is becoming open to more relevant options and similar is the case with stationery and packaging too. These markets are quite responsive for uniqueness, which is visible in Kraft paper products such as Bleached Kraft Paper, Virgin Kraft Paper, Sack Kraft Paper, Chromo Paper, White Top Liner, etc., that are thousand times more appropriate than regular ones. Following are some traits that makes Kraft paper much needed product for varied industries:

  • Kraft process permits to bring forth paper possessing impressive texture, flexibility and durability.
  • Kraft paper owns requisite hardness and strength that makes it versatile option for gift wrapping, box manufacturing, storage and more.
  • Kraft paper possess increased sulfur ratio and lower lignin content, which makes it immensely strong for diverse purposes.
  • Kraft paper is simple to customize such as in terms of embellishments and designs for individual requirements.
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